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  • Satellite transmission machine knitting
  • Two Women
  • Doc. Photo
  • Two Women
  • Magnitudes
  • Hemispheres. Chun Shao performer
Image Title People Involved Related Fields
Time and Time Again Time and Time Again Juan Pampin, Cristina Brambila, Zoe Cai, Nicolás Kisic Aguirre Data Visualization, Installation, Interactive Media, Machine Learning, Mechatronic Art, Robotics, Sound Art, Ultrasound
A person experiencing the Dispositivo de Realidad Mutada inside a gallery space. Realidad Mutada Nicolás Kisic Aguirre 3D Audio, Ambisonics, Aural Architecture, Digital Fabrication, Immersive Media, Installation, New Media, Sound Art
IMG Imaginary Machinescape Esteban Agosin Aural Architecture, Digital Fabrication, Electronic Media, Environmental Art, Machine Learning, Sensing, Sound Art, Systems
Embosquecerse Embosquecerse Juan Pampin, Marcin Pączkowski, Laura Luna Castillo Ambisonics, Composition, Immersive Media, Sensing, Sound Art
pandemic_1 PANDEMIC  Chanee Choi, Wei Yang 3D Modeling, 3D Scanning and Printing, 3D Video and Animation, Digital Arts, Interactive Media, Media Arts, Sound Art
Remembrance: Magma Remembrance: Magma Chanee Choi 3D Modeling, 3D Scanning and Printing, 3D Video and Animation, Data Visualization, Immersive Media, Machine Learning, Neuroaesthetics
Detail of linear actuator moving the performer's head. Ventriloquist Ontology Afroditi Psarra, Sadaf Sadri Algorithmic Processes, Cybernetics, Experimental Media, Interactive Media, Machine Learning, Performance Studies, Physical Computing, Robotics
s(c)ymb(al)iont Wei Yang Computer Music, Electro-acoustic Music, Electronic Media, Live Electronics, Music, Performance Studies, Sensing, Sound Synthesis
tree Forest Rihards Vitols Algorithmic Processes, Data Visualization, Digital Arts, Environmental Art, Machine Learning, Visual Arts
glass candles, modular plexiglass base, iphones, 2019 Networked Objects  Riah Buchanan Internet Art
screen capture of Riah Buchanan Data Visualization, Experimental Film/Cinema, Internet Art, Surveillance and Privacy
Iterations presented by DXARTS at The Chapel at the Good Shepherd Center in Seattle, Washington Lineage 1 Composition, Data Sonification, Electro-acoustic Music, Experimental Media, History, Music, Performance Studies, Sound Art
I AM NOT A ROBOT Rebby Montalvo Cybernetics, Digital Arts, Experimental Media, Installation, Interactive Media, Internet Art, Visual Arts
"Parade" Music Video Installation Rebby Montalvo Digital Arts, Immersive Media, Installation, Internet Art, New Media, Programming, Video Art
AV GLITCH BROOM AV Glitch Broom Rebby Montalvo Computer Music, Data Sonification, Digital Arts, Electronic Media, Interactive Media, Mechatronic Art, Performance Studies, Sound Art
Rebby M (Tnkrt) El Macheterometer Rebby Montalvo Computer Music, Data Sonification, Experimental Media, Improvisation, Mechatronic Art, Performance Studies, Sound Art, Sound Synthesis
This image is taken on test this project Not Titled Yet (2017-) Yun Mi Her Data Sonification, Data Visualization, Digital Arts, Installation, Programming, Speech Recognition and Synthesis, Systems
Naga is a electric metallophone instrument Naga Cameron Fraser Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Composition, Electro-acoustic Music, Electronic Media, Improvisation, Music, Sound Art
Silicone Love - Her Finger Chun Shao Installation
Silicone Love - Intro Chun Shao Digital Arts, Installation, Internet Art, New Media
prosthesis memoria, photo courtesy of: Isaiah Brookshire, University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences prosthesis memoria Daniel Peterson, Adam Hogan 3D Audio, Ambisonics, Art/Science, Experimental Film/Cinema, Human-computer Interaction
Aural Tracings: Polar Plot Aural Tracing Juan Pampin, Michael McCrea Aural Architecture, Installation, Mechatronic Art, Robotics, Sound Art, Ultrasound
Whisper Mirror  Chun Shao Interactive Media, Sensing
Speaker in a shipping container Container Study Daniel Peterson 3D Audio, Ambisonics, Electro-acoustic Music, Installation, Music, Site Specific Art, Sound Art
Indigo Mist with Bill Frisell Indigo Mist Juan Pampin, Richard Karpen, Cuong Vu, Marcin Pączkowski Composition, Improvisation, Live Electronics, Music