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Listening to the Other, a new book by DXARTS Affiliate Faculty Stefan Östersjö

Our contemporary, globalized society demands new forms of listening. But what are these new forms? In Listening to the Other, Stefan Östersjö challenges conventional understandings of the ways musicians listen. He develops a transmodal understanding of listening that is situated in the body—a body that is extended by its mediation through musical instruments and other technologies. Listening habits can turn these tools—and even the body itself—into resistant objects or musical Others.

"Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking"

The work of DXARTS Assistant Professor Afroditi Psarra is featured in the 3rd edition of Nicolas Collins' "Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking", in Chapter 16 Soft Circuitry: An Introduction to E-textile Interfaces by Lara and Sarah Grant.

"Voices+Voids: Reclaiming and Transcoding Our Data as Performance" the artistic collaboration between Afroditi Psarra (DXARTS), Audrey Desjardins (Design), and Bonnie Whiting (Music) which was presented through a website launch, a moderated discussion and an online performance organized by the Jacob Lawrence Gallery and curated by Emily Zimmerman is featured on the Seattle Channel:
Seattle Times: an interview with Chanhee Choi

A UW student's 3D video game depicts life during COVID-19 pandemic for people of color

During the pandemic, many people have leaned into art and hobbies to ease the stress of everyday life.

Piteå Performing Arts Biennial 2020

DXARTS Research Associate Marcin Pączkowski presents his research on rehearsing music online at Piteå Performing Arts Biennial 2020.