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2018 Artist Awards | Listen UP! Music by Women

Ewa Trębacz was awarded one of the Listen UP! Music by Women grants, given by the Allied Arts Foundation to women composers and songwriters in Washington State. 

MISE-EN Music Festival 2018 | Ewa Trebacz

Ewa Trębacz joins an international team of 25 Visiting Composers at the Fifth MISE-EN Music Festival, for the New York City premiere of her work Li

Multidisciplinary artist, Afroditi Psarra (Assistant Professor of Digital Arts at the University of Washington) talks about her work with electronic textiles, "alienesque" aesthetics, soft circuits and our the new relationships that we have to establish between our bodies and responsive technologies. Discussion topics include: collaborative practice, DIY culture, parametic design, bio-feedback, open-source working and the uncanny. 

Judy Twedt, PhD student in Atmospheric Sciences and DXARTS, has been selected as one of the Huskies 100 students of the year:

Rover refocusing through a seaside scene.

Rover will be presented in a special screening for Singularity Now, on Thursday 24 May, 19:00-19:30, at Megaron - the Athens Concert Hall.

About Singularity Now: Athens Digital Arts Festival

The 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival exploring the unknown future of the upcoming Technological Apocalypse through art, science and technology, presents you the theme of its next edition, under the theme “SINGULARITY NOW”.