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Illustration by Christian Petersen

CityArts: Swimming in Sound

Ambisonic technology offers an entirely new way to hear, and it’s coming soon from engineer-artists near you.

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Net Release:  abc - null 

Afroditi Psarra (lilytronica - handmade embroidered synthesizers) 

Bonnie Whiting (prepared snare drum, almglocken, woodblocks, found-object percussion instruments: tuned pot lids, resonant bolts, and threaded rods) 

Cameron Perry Fraser (naga - handmade electric metallophone)

Live improvisation recorded at the DXARTS Fablab in Seattle, WA on June 2017 

Recording, mixing and mastering: Michael McCrea

VICE News: Meet The Doctor Turning Brain Waves Into Music

 VICE News visits Dr. Thomas Deuel - originally aired January 29, 2018 on VICE News Tonight on HBO:

February 7, 2018

By Brady Welch

Most people play a musical instrument with their hands or mouth. But Dr. Thomas Deuel, a musician and neurologist based in Seattle, has built one that you can play with your mind.

The Surveillance Studies Network (SSN) is dedicated to the study of surveillance in all its forms. It promotes innovative and transdisciplinary work on surveillance, including work that bridges different academic disciplines, develops the understanding of surveillance in wider society, and informs information policy and political debate.

Professor Eberhard Fetz

Eberhard Fetz: 

The man who helped launch brain-computer interfaces in 1969 has not finished yet