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NEA Art Works

National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Jane Chu has announced the first round of grants that are part of her signature leadership initiative, Creativity Connects. DXARTS will be awarded an Art Works: Creativity Connects grant of $80,000 to support Performing with the Brain: a musical performance for patients with motor disabilities, a project to be done in collaboration with Swedish Neuroscience Institute.

Magnitudes, sound art exhibition | New York, Art345 Gallery

Magnitudes, sound art exhibition with live performances, opens November 12 at  Art345 Gallery in New York City. The exhibition includes a new sound art work by DXARTS PhD student Cameron Fraser.

Sound Installations and Live Performances:
November 12th - November 20th
345 E 104th St, New York City


A research team from the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS), University of Washington, lead by Juan Pampin, in collaboration with neuroscientists Eberhard Fetz and Thomas Deuel, presents Hemispheres, a 3D sound performance sculpted by brain activity. A dome of speakers creates an immersive hemisphere of sound, which serves as a mapping surface for live EEG data coming from the brain of the performer.

DXARTS students Dan Peterson (left) and Adam Hogan wear EEG caps while working in the Art and the Brain Lab.

Nancy Joseph describes the DXARTS course 'Art and the Brain' in her article published in August 2016 UW Perspectives Newsletter. 

Juan Pampin, Percussion Cycle

Juan Pampin’s Percussion Cycle for percussion instruments and electronic sounds, performed by the renowned Les Percussions de Strasbourg, is comprised of four pieces: ‘Métal Hurlant’, ‘Toco Madera’, ‘Skin Heads’ and ‘On Space’. Each piece relates to the base material of the instruments used and is the result of an exploration of the timbral qualities of the material elements responsible for the production of sound: metals, wood, and skins.