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Media Lab

The DXARTS Media Lab is a a dynamic, multi-use space for experimentation, research, performance, and instruction.  The Lab features an open floor plan with a 19.2-channel "dome" of speakers and a large HD cinema projection system.  Like the Sound Lab, the audio playback system uses high quality audio hardware and allows users to easily reconfigure the speaker routing and decoding system to suit the needs of each new project, whether it is stereo sound or fifth-order ambisonics.  The Media Lab has been acoustically treated with sound absorbers, diffusers, and curtains for both variable acoustic control and light blackout as needed.  The room uniquely features a robust ceiling-mounted rigging grid from which equipment may be hung and configured for experimentation and performance.  A host computer features advanced software for work in spatial audio formats and video playback.

Video projection for students

A Sony VPL-VW365ES 4K SXRD Home Theater Projector is available for students wishing to view their work in 4K. The projector was funded by Student Technology Fee.


Facility Type: 
Lab Space