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Creative AI Lab

  • high powered computer stations

The DXARTS Creative AI lab provides hardware and software resources for those working creatively with machine learning and data driven arts. Recognizing that accessibility is a major challenge for creative community's engagement with computer science, the lab makes powerful GPU hardware and an expanding archive of software workflows available for students, faculty, and staff. Workstations, laptops, and a powerful 8xGPU server enables users to work with complex models and very large datasets of images, sound, text, and other media. 

Equipment and software includes, but is not limited to: 

  • 8X A100 Server with 480GB total GPU RAM
  • 6 Alienware i9 Linux/Windows workstations with 24GB VRAM RTX3090
  • 4 Razer Linux/Windows laptops with 16GB VRAM RTX3080
  • Library of Jupyter notebooks with recent and emerging ML workflows
  • Software for high-end graphics processing VR/AR/XR, photogrammetry, computer vision