Academic faculty and graduate students at DXARTS are surrounded with a continuously expanding pool of cutting-edge tools and facilities needed to foster the invention of new forms of digital and experimental arts. From our own 5,000 sq. ft. off-campus fabrication lab in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, to on-campus facilities enabling advances in 3D audio, digital fabrication, digital video, performance, science, and engineering, members of the DXARTS community are uniquely positioned to embrace an expansive range of arts practice, theory, and research across multiple disciplines.

Mitsar-201 EEG machine
In Winter 2013, DXARTS was chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Bergstrom Award from the College of Arts & Sciences to create the Art + Brain Lab.  The Bergstrom Award for Art and Science was established for the purpose of supporting projects or activities at the UW that enhance the student experience and bridge the intersection between art and science. The Art + Brain Lab enables students and faculty, from both arts and sciences, to conduct hands-on research, fostering artistic... read more
Ballard Fab Lab front view
The Ballard Fab Lab is an off-campus facility with a variety of resources and uses. The lab includes a wood shop, machine shop, electronics lab, CAD workstations, flexible space, classroom space and office space. The lab provides advanced computer aided design, manufacturing and prototyping machines as well as traditional power tools and hand tools. The flexible space, known as The Observatory, may be used for anything temporary. Students often use this space as a film set, a temporary... read more
DXARTS Computing Lab - Raitt Hall room 129
The DXARTS Computing Lab is located in 129 Raitt Hall on the University of Washington's Seattle campus. It primarily supports students working on both class-based and independent artistic works. The lab has an extensive array of hardware and software tools for 3D animation, 3D video, multi-channel audio, video post-production and mastering. The computer equipment in the lab has been recently upgraded to fully support a 4K video production workflow.  Equipment available to... read more
Universal Laser ILS9.150 Laser Cutter
In addition to a traditional wood shop and metal shop, the Fab Lab features several industrial quality digital fabrication tools. DynaCNC Router Table The DynaCNC 3 axis CNC table has a 5 foot by 10 foot bed, and a robotic gantry to position a cutter head. It can cut/mill wood, plastics and a variety of other materials. Universal Laser ILS9.150 Laser Cutter The ILS 9.150 laser cutter is capable of cutting or etching just about anything except metal. It has a 3 foot by 2 foot bed, and 2... read more
DXARTS Media Lab speaker layout
The DXARTS Media Lab is a a dynamic, multi-use space for experimentation, research, performance, and instruction.  The Lab features an open floor plan with a 19.2-channel "dome" of speakers and a large HD cinema projection system.  Like the Sound Lab, the audio playback system uses high quality audio hardware and allows users to easily reconfigure the speaker routing and decoding system to suit the needs of each new project, whether it is stereo sound or fifth-order ambisonics.  The Media Lab ... read more
Metal shop's space
The metal shop offers a small but versatile set of stationary and hand tools for milling, drilling and cutting metal and plastic. Stationary Tools 3 axis CNC Trak DPM SX3P Bed Mill Clausing Metosa C1340S engine lathe band saw horizontal band saw drill press abrasive cut-off saw disc/belt sander sheet metal brake/shear/roller pedestal grinder
The Observatory is an open, multi-use, flexible space, available to all DXARTS students, staff and faculty. The space is available for a variety of purposes, for example: temporary exhibitions development of large scale works or installations critiques film sets performances documentation of work During unreserved hours, the space is generally meant to be kept open and available for the use of any student with access to the warehouse. Reservations The space may be reserved for exclusive use.... read more
Raitt Hall from the UW Quad
Raitt Hall houses student and faculty laboratories, classrooms, as well as faculty, graduate, and administrative offices. Here you will find labs dedicated to 3D sound and video research and production along with powerful computer labs and media production suites.
The DXARTS Sound Lab hosts advanced software and hardware for the reproduction of 3-D audio at high fidelity.  A 24.4-channel speaker array in a full spherical layout projects sound from around, above and below listeners and is suitable for use in a variety of soundfield synthesis techniques.  The Lab serves as a resource for playback, artistic experimentation, and performance as well as ongoing research in the fields of spatial audio, acoustics, and psychoacoustics.  A neighboring studio... read more
Wood shop space
The wood shop offers a wide variety of stationary and hand tools for milling, drilling and cutting wood and plastic. Stationary Tools table saw band saw panel saw sliding compound miter saw disc/belt sander planer jointer drill press Powered Hand Tools plunge cut circular saw jig saw corded and cordless drill/driver/hammer drills impact drivers finish nail gun brad nail gun a variety of power sanders biscuit joiner router planer