Graduate Admissions

Application and Admission

To qualify for application to the program applicants should have completed a Master's Degree or its equivalent in a discipline or field related to the proposed doctoral work. In addition to a portfolio of their artistic work, applicants must submit as Statement of Purpose a substantial and detailed digital, experimental arts project proposal (more information following). All students will be expected to show competence in computing, general technology literacy, and skill and imagination in their areas of interest.

There are two separate parts to the application process for the Ph.D. program:

Application to the University of Washington's Graduate School (Part I)
Application to the DXARTS Ph.D. Program. (Part II)

Part I: Applying to the UW Graduate School

Read the information regarding the Graduate School's Admission Requirements (GRE not required for DXARTS).

Apply to the Graduate School using their Online Application Process. If you have a problem doing this contact DXARTS for assistance

Part II: Applying to DXARTS

 Email the following items to:

  • One copy of the Graduate School's Application Form. (See Part I of these instructions).
  • A copy of an unofficial transcript from each of the collegiate institutions you have attended. Official transcripts from your Master's program will be requested if you are accepted into the program.
  • An online portfolio of your artistic work including any extra documentation that can help the admissions committee make their evaluations. Please include the URL to your online portfolio with your application materials.
  • A complete Curriculum Vitae and Narrative Biography.
  • A Statement of Purpose in the form of a detailed experimental arts project proposal, such as might be submitted to an arts commissioning panel, and that demonstrates your level of academic maturity. The proposal should include a full description of the project with diagrams, timelines, collaborative partners, hypothetical or actual), and a proposed budget. The purpose of this proposal is to demonstrate the level of intellectual independence and comprehensive understanding achieved at the time of application to the program. The student will not be required or expected carry out the proposed project, it is for diagnostic purposes only. However, once admitted, the student may choose to pursue the project as part of their studies if approved by the faculty.
  • Three letters of recommendation from instructors or professors familiar with your academic qualifications. The Graduate School application will prompt you to have these letters submitted directly from your referees through an online process. It is not necessary to have separate physical copies of the recommendations sent directly to the department.
  • International applicants must submit TOEFL and proof of spoken English proficiency.

Please note the submission Deadlines.

Application Deadline

All materials must be received by February 8 to be considered for admission to the DXARTS Ph.D. Program in Autumn Quarter of that year.