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Art + Brain Lab

Mitsar-201 EEG machine
Mitsar-201 EEG machine

In Winter 2013, DXARTS was chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Bergstrom Award from the College of Arts & Sciences to create the Art + Brain Lab.  The Bergstrom Award for Art and Science was established for the purpose of supporting projects or activities at the UW that enhance the student experience and bridge the intersection between art and science. The Art + Brain Lab enables students and faculty, from both arts and sciences, to conduct hands-on research, fostering artistic collaborations arising from investigations at the intersection of neuroscience and digital art. This $20K grant was used to purchase clinical-grade EEG equipment as well as other biological sensors and software.

Since its inception, the lab has hosted many projects by faculty and students under the supervision of DXARTS Acting Assistant Professor Thomas Deuel. In 2016 DXARTS received a $80K grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for a research project to be done jointly at the Art+Brain Lab and Swedish Neuroscience Institute. Learn more about this award in our news archive.

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