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a_voi(ce)_d (uhj) by wei yang

a_voi(ce)_d, 2021

The piece is a result of two observations of interesting use of voice under the covid lockdown: one is the longing to external communication in proximity with others, as normally it would be before the covid; the other is the increasing tendency to talking to self, as a relief for the first longing. In the project, I tried to capture the psychological conditions concerning these two aspects: loneliness, exhaustion, uncertainty, etc. All the material comes from a recording of voice improvisation in a kitchen pantry during the covid, which were intended as the tape portion for a choral piece but never took place. It is interesting to see so much of the private and even "negative" emotional quality described above were already present in the material, the unearthing of which almost renders the compositional process therapeutic and cathartic. 

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