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Indigo Mist

Indigo Mist with Bill Frisell
Indigo Mist with Bill Frisell
Indigo Mist, performing ensemble 

Initially the brainchild of Richard Karpen and Cuong Vu, Indigo Mist has become a vehicle for the musical musings of a group of forward reaching artists with tendencies towards experimentation. Having crossed paths over the years as University of Washington faculty, the group is currently comprised of Cuong Vu (trumpet), Richard Karpen (piano), Juan Pampin (electronics), Ted Poor (drums) and Steve Rodby (bass).

Over the last few years, Indigo Mist has been performing solo or with guests artists of the caliber of Bill Frisell and George Garzone. The group has also performed as part of larger improvisation ensembles with players from a wide range of musical backgrounds and cultures such as the JACK Quartet, Jos Zwaanengburg, Ngô Trà My, Garth Knox and others.

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