Creative Work

  • silent forest (field documentation)
    Adam Hogan, silent forest, Bradbury Art Museum, 2017
  • Sanctum (Photo Credit: RJ Sánchez | Solstream Studios)
    Sanctum, public art installation by James Coupe and Juan Pampin. Henry Art Gallery, Seattle (May 2013 - November 2015).
  • Wind Data sequencer (control panel for installation)
  • Night Cloud
    Sangjun, Yoo and Daniel E Roberts
  • Rehearsal, Josiah Boothby and Anna Niedźwiedź | Warsaw Autumn Festival 2009
    Errai. Immersive Audiovisual Space, for horn, soprano, and audiovisual immersive media, Ewa Trębacz (2009)
    Corn Broom + Arduino Un0 + Piezo + Sound Amplifier

In progress

Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Inflection, Cadence, Rhythm, Pain Inflection, Cadence, Rhythm, Pain (2015) Inmi Lee Computer Music, Improvisation, Mechatronic Art, Performance Studies, Physical Computing, Sound Art, Visual Arts
the perfect kiss The Perfect Kiss (2015) Chun Shao Art/Science, Installation, Sensing
detials of the wearable (  ) (2014) Chun Shao Haptics
1 Parabolic Ear (In progress) Esteban Agosin Mechatronic Art, Sound Art, Surveillance and Privacy
Java en español. "Untitled"Java Manifesto Project (In progress) Rebby Montalvo Cybernetics, Data Visualization, Experimental Media, Internet Art, Media Arts, New Media, Perception and Cognition, Software
anniu Anniu (In progress) Rihards Vitols 3D Modeling, Digital Fabrication, Environmental Art, Installation, Mechatronic Art, Video Art


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Alzheimer VR's diagram Alzheimer VR (Unofficial Title) (2020) Chanhee Choi, Afroditi Psarra Cybernetics, Immersive Media, Media Arts, Video Art


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
oceano Oceano (2019) Esteban Agosin Environmental Art, Sound Art
Performing With The Brain Concert, Meany Studio Theater, April 19th, 2019 Performing With The Brain Concert (2019) Thomas Deuel Art/Science, Biological Art, Composition, Computer Music, Digital Signal Processing, Human-computer Interaction, Improvisation, Music
Lineage 1 Lineage 1 (2019) Breana Tavaglione
Adviser(s): Afroditi Psarra
Data Sonification, Electro-acoustic Music, Experimental Media, History, Music, Performance Studies, Sound Art
The Internet Is - POEM The Internet Is (2019) Rebby Montalvo Data Visualization, Digital Arts, Internet Art, Music, New Media, Video Art, Visual Arts
"MindTraffic" (2019) Rebby Montalvo Cybernetics, Experimental Film/Cinema, Internet Art, Media Arts, Music, New Media, Video Art
"Prosumer" Still #1 from Video - RM TNKRT "Prosumer" (2019) Rebby Montalvo Cybernetics, Experimental Film/Cinema, Internet Art, Media Arts, Music, New Media, Video Art, Visual Arts
live visuals “The kitten is scratching me” (2019) Rihards Vitols, Cameron Fraser
Adviser(s): Afroditi Psarra
Algorithmic Processes, Data Visualization, Electro-acoustic Music, Live Electronics, Music, Sound Art, Video Art
"Inanna Descending", premiere | Mirta Wymerszberg, bandoneon Inanna Descending (2019) Ewa Trębacz 3D Audio, Ambisonics, Composition, Electro-acoustic Music, Electronic Media, Immersive Media, Improvisation, Music
Polaris Polaris (2019) Chanhee Choi
Adviser(s): Richard Karpen, Afroditi Psarra
Digital Arts, Installation, Interactive Media, New Media, Performance Studies, Visual Arts
installation view Border Airport (2018) Eleanor Jones Experimental Media, Installation, Site Specific Art, Sound Art, Video Art
Tavaglione Spirit Phone (2018) Breana Tavaglione
Adviser(s): Afroditi Psarra
Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, History, Installation, Interactive Media, Mechatronic Art, Sound Art, Visual Arts
Silicone Love - Her Garden by Chun Shao. A group photo of the sculptures. Silicone Love - Her Garden  (2018) Chun Shao Installation
Oracle Score Oracle (2018) Breana Tavaglione Computer Music, Electro-acoustic Music, Improvisation, Music
She Herself is a Haunted House SHE HERSELF IS A HAUNTED HOUSE (2018) Breana Tavaglione History, Installation, Mechatronic Art, Perception and Cognition, Sound Art
nevertheless nevertheless (2018) Sangjun Yoo Data Visualization, Digital Arts, Installation, Interactive Media, Internet Art, New Media
untitled[seattle] untitled[ ] (2018) Sangjun Yoo Digital Arts, Experimental Film/Cinema, Immersive Media, Interactive Media, Video Art
blind film (2018) Blind Film (2018) Sangjun Yoo
Adviser(s): James Coupe
Electronic Media, Immersive Media, Installation, Interactive Media, Media Arts, New Media, Physical Computing, Visual Arts
Wind From Nowhere Wind from Nowhere (2018) Haein Kang
Adviser(s): Richard Karpen
Digital Arts, Installation, Mechatronic Art, New Media, Physical Computing, Sound Art