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Anniu the world saving ship

Human life still continues to change the world weather to a point where even landscape is starting to change. According to Discovering Antarctica That bring us to the source of the water rise – Antarctic ice shrinking. The size of ice sheet covering of Antarctic in past 5 years has lost ~800 billion metric tons of ice. Water rising and ice shrinking is not only bringing danger to human but it is impacting native Antarctic species by pushing them away from their hunting and mating grounds. My work Anniu is a ship that produces ice cubes approximately 2.5cm (standard ice cube size). Produced ice cubes are dropped in water. The ship will drift around Antarctica where it will drop out ice cubes in water to slow down ice sheet melting and rising of global water level. This will help native species to keep their living, meating and hunting grounds.

Anniu - Any kind of snow intended for melting into water for drinking or cooking. (Encyclopedia Arctica, 1947 -51)

Work consists of one boat that is drooping ice cubes during the show in a container under it. A digital print of work in its environment and a video documentation.

– 2019 6 July – 22 September, “UN/GREEN”, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, LV

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In progress