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La Casa de la 11 (The House on 11th Street, 2022)

Image of Anaid Bohor, performer, controlling a virtual Avatar. Standing in front of a screen.
Anaid Bohor in front of her virtual avatar, part of La Casa de la 11 project
La Casa de la 11, expanded performance and interactive multimedia installation in collaboration with Anaid Bohor 

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, La Casa de la 11: fictions and extrusions, interactive multimedia installation, generates audiovisual narratives that take up collective memories, archives and oral traditions.

The project was born in the context of the pandemic, as a result of the creation of virtual avatars created by remote collaboration between Laura Luna Castillo, multimedia artist, and Anaid Bohor, actress and producer.

Casa 11 exists in a liminal space, between fictions and realities, the public and the private, a space created by the interweaving of new technologies and three-dimensional scanning techniques with which virtual entities are generated that act as hosts and fragmented storytellers.

Languages, hybrid identities, body meanings and mnemonic registers are activated by the audience through a multi-sensory interface, thus creating a space for imagination, identities and desires.