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if i keep recalling it..

if i keep recalling it, something had to change... for drums and electronics, 2022

As the title suggests, this piece is about the constructive nature of memory. Often when one tries to recall something from the past, there are pieces of information missing, so one has to fill in these pieces with confabulation, whether consciously or not. During the making of these missing pieces, which is a creative process, different memories intermingle - memories of different time periods, of different levels of logicality, of different suggestive capabilities, of different doubts, all of which contribute to a potentially poetic experience and a updated memory. The project explores this idea and consists of several aspects: (1) a previously performed excerpt was sliced into small fragments which served as the "memory"; (2) the performer trying to recall the excerpt by interacting with these fragmentary memories; (3) the memory are being transformed in realtime via machine listening to the performer's playing and thus reshaping the memory. 

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