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AI in Arcadia

AI in Arcadia by Eleanor Jones, Universität der Künste Berlin, July 2017. 

The two channel video installation explores the resonances of decaying places as transitions from place to non-place, and through historicity from materiality to immateriality, countered by a representation of the obligations of the body through demonstrative physicality. The body maintains its own discussion of reality, juxtaposing with a simultaneous expansion of hyper-reality. AI is a definition of the functional cybernetic cycle of existence-non-existence-existence.. Such as – borders that simultaneously exist and do not exist. In conversation with the performance my body and voice is used to portray the narrative, the voice is an interface which represents an AI, who interchanges through the abandoned Athens Olympics environment of 2004 and the coast. AI in Arcadia is derived from the name ‘Et In Arcadia Ego’ – thought to believe even in paradise vision death is inevitable.

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