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Sangjun, Yoo
‘nevertheless’ is a work-in-progress interactive installation consisting of a web-based video chat application and real-time data visualization. Visitors can access the video chatroom using their own smartphones by scanning a QR code. The interactive interface detects only the participant's face and recognizable voice in real-time, whenever it detects a human face, it captures(overwrites) the data over one of the slots in a virtual grid. The interface ceaselessly attempts to detect and collect recognizable faces and voices from the multiple users in the video chat room, the fast-changing detection appears to find an average rate of the overall recognition, and the audience can witness this progress in the projection screen at the same time. The face with a better clarity and definition gets the chance to be recognized and stored, possibly more slots in the grid as the detection time lasts longer, and eventually overwrites and erases pre-existing data possibly from other participants. Whenever there’s no new face-detection available in the chat-room, the interface sequentially loads in each slot and morphs over the time in a bigger screen
This interactive installation takes a role as a mediator of the streaming data from the participants, it slowly pulls and tugs the viewer to become a contributor, but also a temporary controller of the artificial system, where manifest one's power and visibility.
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