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Is There An Error (working title)

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Natural Language Processing AI project, Eleanor Jones, 2021

An in-progress natural language processing project, with a theatrical dialogue that develops in real time through machine learning, between two AI’s, that learn their conversation prompts from each other. Initially I connected this to Bertolt Brecht’s Lehrstücke (‘Learning-Plays’); described as highly didactic exercises in Epic Theatre, with intentions of ‘alienation and interruption’, aiming to teach audiences how to alter means of production with the process of abolishing an actor/audience division. Implementing use of GPT2 on two large corpora where the output from one speaker is used to generate the output from the other, it produces a dialogue between two AI bots on separate screens. One of GPT2 AI's is being trained on articles on the media's language surrounding the word terrorism and how it is portrayed in the media, whom it pinpoints and what prejudices and bias it produces. The second GPT2 is trained on people and activist's language who have been victimized by the misuse of terrorist titles and anti-terror laws, when used in order to oppress activism, as well as having inherent racial prejudice - such as the UK's Schedule 7 law where a person's basic civil rights are suspended. The idea is to create a fluid realistic conversation with two real-time AI's where it can resemble literature through its on-going training. 

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In progress