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corvoid, artificial animals for augmenting future nature soundscape, Rihards Vitols (2018 ...)

Animals use various ways to create communication signals. Species and their communicative characteristics mainly interact with other species as well as with the abiotic environment. Sounds may be created by the passage of air through organs, by rubbing appendages against each other, and by hitting other objects in the environment​. All these sounds creates acoustic environment in nature. Thus even communication structure that we commonly think of as being within-species has the possibility to affect individuals from other species. The work Corvoid by Rihards Vitols is artificial life form flock. Rihards is exploring a crow flock behavior patterns based on their communication. He will implement gained patterns in to his Corvoids. They will not resemble birds or emit bird like sounds. They will be robots that produce sounds by interacting with environment. Same sounds will be used in their own network to communicate between each other. The goal is to sustain diversity in ecosystem and acoustic environment in future.  Corvoid is looking at how an ecosystem reacts when it is introduced to an artificial species with natural communication patterns and behaviors to determine if communication patterns are more important than sound itself when it comes to inter-species communication.

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