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Networked Objects 

glass candles, modular plexiglass base, iphones, 2019
Live Feed Candles, glass candles, modular plexiglass base, iphones, 2019
Riah Buchanan, Networked Objects, 2018-2020

A series of objects; physical manifestations of digital networks:

Live Feed Candles: designed for tabletop use, a home for your Zooms, Instagram Lives, and other feeds. For viewing alone or as a group, providing audio and visual in the form of flickering light, obscuring the face of the speaker as well as comments and likes. An indirect viewing experience 

A Fair Warning: Plants become more hostile in conversation with one another as you get closer. 

LOL RIP: a Twitter bot. When stimulated by an approaching visitor, the bot tickles itself, laughs and reposts tweets containing the hashtag #LOLRIP, and comments with biblical quotes from a database on death and dying. 

blank-net: design for a community of anonymous users performing daily actions. Actions are received via dead drop of usb preloaded with Tails and a set of timed instructions.

Advisor on glass work: Mark Zirpel 

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