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Interstices (Layer II)

Interstices by Juan Pampin, JACK Quartet
Interstices by Juan Pampin, JACK Quartet
Interstices (Layer II), for string quartet and live electronics, Juan Pampin (2012)

"We (the undivided divinity that operates in us)
have dreamed the world. We have dreamed it resistant,
mysterious, visible, ubiquitous in space, and firm in time;
but we have allowed tenuous and eternal interstices of
irrationality in its architecture, to know that it is false."
Jorge Luis Borges, "Avatars of the Tortoise"


Interstices (Layer II) is a new version of my original string string quartet from 1997. A live electronics layer was composed for this new version and the original score was re-written to adapt the musical materials to this new layer. Several new signal processing tools were developed for this project, including real-time spectral peak detection and removal (ATS), and statistical spectral analysis and mapping.


The JACK Quartet, Richard Johnson, Josh Parmenter, Mike McCrea.

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