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This page lists tutorials that are projects to guide you through the design and/or fabrication process. They may involve one or more toolsets and a variety of skills. The basics of equipment and tool operations can be found in the corresponding Facilities Wiki Pages.

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Mechatronics / Fabrication

Gears with laser cutter, makerbot, various software tools.
Pan-Tilt Servo Mount for 3d printing, uses two servos and webcam.
3D Printing with Replicator G
Cutting Threads on the Lathe
KMODDL: kinematic models for designs (i.e. simple machines), downloadable STL files and CAD Models.

Electronics Tutorials / Resources
LANC - Arduino-based camera zoom control
LCD Module GDM1602K with PD
Simple SD Card Read/Write Setup
LED Matrix
Fritzing: open-source software for Arduino project documentation
Arduino CAD
How to create new component in EagleCad

Xbee and Xbee Shield Tutorial
Arduino FIO Tutorial
Using NS73M FM Transmitter
Using ID-12 RFID Reader
Using Sparkfun BlueTooth Module

Rotary Encoder
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Rangefinder
IR Rangefinder
ADXL335 3-Axis Accelerometer
MPU 6050 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) Motion Tracking Device
QPROX Sensor

PCB Prototyping
Eagle: Schematics
Eagle: PCB Layout
Eagle: Creating a new part
LPKF Workflow - How to use the PCB milling machine to prototype circuit boards. Tutorial on rubout
Boardhouse Fabrication
Conductive solder paste - tutorial on how to use solder paste (proconduct) for 2 sided PCB
Solder mask for PCB
Populating a Fabricated PCB - uses the ac dimmer circuit as a test case
AC Dimmer Circuit
Audio Amp Circuit
Electret Preamp Circuit

Driving Two Steppers with EasyDriver and Easy Shield
Stepper Motor Maximum Speed and Power Calculator
Wire Gauge Calculator

Arduino G-Code Firmware
Reading QR Codes in Processing
Using Tesseract OCR in OpenFrameworks
FLAMINGO partial string matching in C++
General 3d Model Manipulation
openframeworks addons
Sphinx Voice Recognition for Processing
Training and Using a Festival Voice (Text To Speech, Speech Synthesis)
Automatic Shot Transition Detection in Video File

Algorithmic Processes
Computer Vision
Pinouts / Diagrams
Embedded Systems
Panoramic Video
State Machines
Pan Tilt Mount Tutorial - geared tilt from aluminum, for two steppers.


Ambisonic Toolkit

The ATK is thoroughly documented in the SuperCollider Help system and also hosted online.
Introducing the ATK [external link]


Converting non-realtime code to realtime code

Analysis, Transform, and Synthesis (ATS)


Ambisonic Mixing in Reaper


 Concert Documentation - Camera Setup

Bio Sensing



OpenBCI 16-channel EEG R&D kit

The Brain Stimulator - Advanced tDCS Kit

Muscle 2-channel Spiker Box

Galvanic Skin Response Sensor

Hear Rate & Pulse Sensor 



Git tricks