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Editing your profile on the DXARTS' website

To edit your profile on the DXARTS website first login to the CMS using your UW ID. Then navigate to your profile page and click Edit

UW Net ID, First Name, Last Name

These should have already been filled out by the person that created your profile.

Job Title / Position

Indicate your UW job title, for instance Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Graduate Student, etc. (NOTE: this field might have already been filled out by the person that created your profile). If you have an adjunct position with another department you could add it by clicking on Add Another Item.


You should click on your corresponding category, for instance, if you are a professor or lecturer, click on Faculty. If you are a PhD student click on Graduate Student.  

Departmental Role

Click on the category corresponding to your role in DXARTS.

Contact and Office Hours

Enter your contact information and office hours. It is important to have a clear office hour schedule posted here, if you don't have one yet please enter "By appointment".

Fields of Interest

Click on the Fields of Interest that better match your research, you can select up to 8 of them. You can also add up to 5 Specific Fields of Interest which aren't included in the main list.


Add your education titles here. Enter one degree per line (use Add another item button to create more entry fields). Use the format "Degree, subject area, full name of school, year awarded."

Ph.D., English, University of Washington, 2004
M.A., Spanish, University of California, Los Angeles, 1998
B.A., Comparative Literature, Seattle University, 1995

Biography and CV

Here you can enter a brief narrative biography (up to 3000 characters, including spaces and HTML markup). Do not simply repeat your publications (they will be listed in another section of your profile). Staff can describe their departmental responsibilities rather than their academic background.

You can use the Upload button to upload your CV in PDF format (File must be less than 8 MB).


Click on Add Research Item button publish information about a research project. Read "Publishing research on the DXARTS' website" for more information:

Additional Courses

The website will automatically list courses you have recently taught in the department curriculum. If you wish to mention other courses or teaching experience, you may do so here. The text will appear under your Courses Taught tab.

Personal Website and Related Links

Here you can include a link to your personal website as well as other external links (these links will be featured in the sidebar of your profile page).


Here you should select DXARTS as your Home Department. Use the list below in case you are affiliated with another department or center at the UW. You can also add a list of comma-separated Professional Affiliations in the box at the bottom of this menu.

Photo and Featured Work

Add a recent head shot here. It will be resized and cropped automatically if you don't set a manual crop.

You can also include up to two links to a video clip or audio clip of a Featured Work hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud. 

IMPORTANT: don't forget to click SAVE when you are done.