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<abc_null> [net release]

cover of the net release <abc_null>
Machine hand-knitted cover of the release
Psarra, Afroditi w/ Whiting, Bonnie & Perry Fraser, Cameron. "<abc_null>". Zeromoon Records, 2018 [net release].

<abc_null> is an on-going collaboration between Bonnie Whiting, Chair of Percussion Studies at the School of Music with DXARTS assistant professor Afroditi Psarra and graduate student Cameron Perry Fraser. It consists on improvisation with handmade electronic instruments, accoustic found-objects and miscellaneous percussive instruments, in search for textures, rhythms and spaces where the diverse sound of these three artist can meet.

Afroditi Psarra (lilytronica - handmade embroidered synthesizers)

Bonnie Whiting (prepared snare drum, almglocken, woodblocks, found-object percussion instruments: tuned pot lids, resonant bolts, and threaded rods)

Cameron Perry Fraser (naga - handmade electric metallophone)

This release is a live impovization of the abc trio recorded at the DXARTS Fablab in Seattle, WA on June 2017.

Track list

1. 6'47''

2. 10'05''

3. 18'38''

4. 4'22''


Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Michael McCrea.
Special thanks to Jeff Surak for making this release possible.