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a Box


A Sound Installation <a Box>

I'm making a sound installation, <a box> to collect your parting stories and conceal them in  a box which is made out of wood and has a microphone inside. The microphone is connected with a computer via an audio interface. Digital signal processing technique will be used to convert speech to music. 


Participants speak into the box and a granular synthesis process will be applied before recording. Then a series of various filters will be applied, for example a comb filter, all-pass filter or delay filter. 

The box will be inside a recording booth and the recording booth will be setup in an exhibition space. The setup allows us isolation between spaces.


There are two different conditions in the world, Being & Absence, Day & Night, Love & Hate. They look like antagonistic to each other, but I believe each pair of conditions are from the same root like two sides of the same coin. As everyone knows, Love is another shape of Hate. This is my basic idea how to look at others and myself as an artist.   


Somebody said goodbye to me and I said goodbye to somebody. You also have a parting story for once, which you want to conceal deep in your mind. Your parting story will be encrypted by the digital signal processing. And the encrypted speech will be changed to string instrument sound or wind instrument sound. Then these processed sounds will be stitched one after another to create music with algorithmic composition. 

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