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Odyssey Two. PSeME Collection. [CD]

Album "Odyssey Two. PSeME Collection. Polish Society of Electroacoustic Music
Odyssey Two. PSeME Collection. Polish Society of Electroacoustic Music.
ODYSSEY TWO - List of works
ODYSSEY TWO - List of works
Odyssey Two. PSeME Collection. Polish Society of Electroacoustic Music. Opus 90, 2023. CD. 
Works by Ewa Trębacz, Aleksandra Bilińska, Marcin Pączkowski, Krzysztof Gawlas, Krzysztof Knittel, Max Kohyt, Marcel Chyrzyński, Piotr Roemer, Joanna Stępalska-Spix, Marzena Majcher, Piotr Czerny, Tomasz Prasqual, Tomasz Misiak and Marcin Olejniczak, Eugeniusz Popławski, Anna Jędrzejewska.
Curated by Dariusz Mazurowski (PSeME -Polish Society of Electroacoustic Music).

The second album from the PSeME Collection series of Polish electroacoustic music, this album includes 15 compositions created by a very diverse group of artists, representing various styles of contemporary music, different aesthetics, differing creative approaches, and even utilizing different technologies. You will find examples of acousmatic music, live electronic forms, and compositions featuring live instruments and voices. There will be references to past traditions, while also casting a gaze into the future. You will hear advanced software as well as modular synthesizers. The album is supported by the Polish Society of Electroacoustic Music (PSeME), which was established in 2005 to consolidate the community of composers in this field of music and promote them worldwide through festival networks and other events. Since its founding, numerous initiatives have been realized, including the creation of the PSeME Collection series, which represents successive electroacoustic odysseys. 

The album includes electroacoustic works by two DXARTS Alumni, Ewa Trębacz, and Marcin Pączkowski

CD1 - Track 1
Ewa Trębacz - The Tower of Broken Mirrors (2021, remix 2023), Ambisonic soundscape*
Josiah Boothby - horn, Leanna Keith - flutes, Ewa Trębacz - violin and electronics

CD1 - Track 3
Marcin Pączkowski - MMM #1 - Festival Mix (2021, remix 2023), for electronic sounds

Opus Series / Requiem Records

Ewa Trębacz's work is in a Stereo UHJ format. 


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