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Those who observe the Wind... 

Installation view of the work
Those who observe the Wind...

Those Who Observe the Wind . . . is a sonic meditation on the unpredictable movements of the wind. Through sound, the installation reveals an inescapable connection to our environment by invoking, as Aeolian instruments have, the resonant voice of the wind. In arguably the most tumultuous times for our ecosystems, perhaps a closer observation of the wind will better align us to the motion of Nature’s ever-changing melody.  

This project was part of a research study in the history and cybernetic future of Aeolian instruments.  During the installation, data was collected in real time from a weather station located nearby and activated patterns in an array of 16 single-stringed instruments.  The installation was presented at the Jack Straw New Media Center as part of the New Media/Sound Art Open Call Award.  It ran from May 21 - July 1 2015.

As well as the installation, a series of workshops were organized for visually impaired students, where the artist created a puzzle box string instrument that the students assembled, and then performed collectively in the studio.

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