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Joel Ong



B.Sc., Biol/Ecol, National University of Singapore
M.Sc., Biological Arts, SymbioticA, University of Western Australia

I am a media artist, and I make work that typically involves the creation of digital systems that are interactive, immersive and sometimes invisible.  I rely on quotidian, pedestrian processes and on the observation of sound to reflect on the composite biological, digital and social environments we live in

Joel Ong (b. 1983 Singapore) is a PhD student at DXARTS interested in the intersections of art, science and technology. He has a background in ecology and has an MA in Biological Arts from the University of Western Australia. His current research focuses on the parallel histories of artistic and scientific thought and how interdisciplinary explorations have and continue to inspire paradigmatic shifts in modern art - notably in the fields of biotechnology, nanoscience and ecology. His work also explores the cultural and artistic development of mediated listening and sound art.

Joel is a sound designer and is a co-founder of the Loft Collective (Singapore).