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3D printing the #home profiles for each visitor
Joel Ong

“It’s not down on any map, true places never are”
Herman Melville

#home was part of the 2nd Black Box International Art, Film and Technology Festival.  Black Box 2.0 was curated by Anne Couillaud (Independent Curator) and Julia Fryett (Founder, Aktionsart) and ran from May 6 – June 7, 2015.  This installation was housed at Shipping Container III in Ballard from May 21st to June 5th; it was then moved in its last weekend to Morningside on South Lake Union.

Visitors were invited to share a short sentence and 5 key words about their homes via an Ipad at the installation venue. Each individual’s descriptions and key words were then used to filter a live Twitter stream, catching tweets around the world where the chosen word/phrase was talked about.  The locations of these tweets were visualized on a map, and as they aggregated over time, a city was ‘grown’ for each participant and subsequently 3D printed into physical form.  The physical form was then placed in a jar and returned to the visitors.

This project proposes that our personal and often private notions of home can be shared and interwoven amongst the streams of memories and thoughts in digital social networks.   In so doing, it celebrates connectivity in a decentralized, increasingly dislocated and post-structuralist world.


 Visualization of city grown through geo-locating Tweets in real time.



Fitted in Jars with a colorful wax base



Installation view


IMG_0008 (1)


#home (2015) 

installation view
Morningside, South Lake Union



home.. a location that is simultaneously personal and ubiquitously fluid; ambiguous yet unforgettable; vacuous yet full of images, sounds and smells; transitory yet grounded in past ideas and future memories.

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