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Gary Champi dancing during performance
Glogovac-Smith, Chariell. STRATUM. 2022, DXARTS

STRATUM is an intermedia movement based performance work that blends video projections, immersive sound, 3D animation and green screen technology to create a digital set. The first iteration featured a solo dance performance by Gary Champi, a 10 minute piece which debuted at On the Boards in Seattle WA, USA in 2022. The projections were composed by filming Gary in advance in front of a green screen, and then integrating the footage into a world made with 3D animation. During the performance, Gary's movements were synced with the projections to create a duplicitous effect. In addition to the new media areas of exploration, we were also interested in investigating traditional performer audience dynamics, and experimented with breaking the fourth wall by extending the "stage" into the audience.