Polaris is inspired by starlight and our existence in the universe. Seattle WA, 2018-19 

Polaris is inspired by starlight and our existence in the universe. We have a signal within us that we can use to communicate with other worlds. Our signal might be in a dead zone temporarily, but we should believe that it is within us. Our signal connects us to the universe, and could be something we can see, feel, or touch. Chanee creates a space for us to discover the signal within through immersive light and interactive video installations. She uses many interactive sources of light - LED, neon, and video projection. Like footsteps echoing in a cave, your movement through Polaris will be echoed in the light it shines as it reacts to your presence.

The first Polaris show, located in Georgetown Oxbow gallery, was scheduled for April 2019. 

The second Polaris show, located in Bellevue Art Museum and Bellevue City Hall, was scheduled for September 2019. A new iteration of my performance was shown on Friday, September 13 at Bellevue Art Museum.

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