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Memoir II, virtual reality, 2016

Viewer with HTC Vive headset at DXARTS
Memoir II, Martin Jarmick 2016
Jarmick, Martin.  Memoir II.  Center for Digital Art & Experimental Media (DXARTS).  2016.

This ongoing research into virtual reality continues my compositional, technical, and poetic inquiry into immersive contact with moving images.  The materials are made up of steroscopic-3D spherical image environments, modeled geometries / animations, synthetic and recorded sounds to create a hybrid cinematic space.  In addition to the technical challenges VR presents, I am also confronted with new questions of time / space / perspective in narrative and personal expression. 

Memoir II is a virtual reality experience with guided movement using the HTC Vive head-mounted display.  Image and sound materials are assembled and composed using custom scripts in the Unity game-engine.  Geometric content is created in Maya, and stereoscopic 360 degree photography is recorded with a portable beam-splitting stereo camera rig.


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