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It Happened on a Sunday...

Akoiya Harris and Nia Amina Minor standing on stage
Chariell Glogovac-Smith, Sadaf Sadri. 2023. It Happened on a Sunday

An audiovisual and movement experiment that investigates the connection between archives, oral history, and the practice of remembering through physical embodiment. Centering the story of the Good Shepherd fire of 1967 and the girl who allegedly started it from within, this site specific work uses the details of the historical fire as both evocation and meditation.

This work began as a collaboration between Chari Glogovac-Smith and Sadaf Sadri after discovering recorded oral histories in the Mohai Museum of History. The collaboration was then extended to Nia-Amina Minor and Akoiya Harris for the addition of dance and movement. The work was first performed in March of 2023 at the Chapel at Good Shepard Center, the site of the fire in ‘67.

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