Photo Credit: Joe freeman
Photo Credit: Joe freeman
< Illusion: You can hear, but you can't see >

Illusion is a multimedia installation integrating EEG.

The 8 modules of customized percussion instruments are placed in a semi-circle. Each module creates a vertical motion like a seesaw and consists of few weights. The weights strike 8 different materials such as wood, metal, and glass. The rhythm and timbre are determined by cellular automata algorithm. 

A performer sits in a listening chair located at the center of the semi-circle which is facing a screen with a close-up eye shot. Both systems, percussion and video projection are controlled by the performer’s brain waves. Alpha waves emerge with the closing eyes and with relaxation in the visual cortex. It's called 'Posterior Dominant Rhythm'. The specific brain waves trigger instruments and it plays a rhythmical sound.

Have a seat.

Close your eyes.

Focus on your breathing.

Your brain waves will produce a rhythm.  

Illusion is an instrument propelled by your mind. Relax and listen to a rhythm created by your brain waves. Experience a moment of obscurity.

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