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I'll Make Myself A Memory, 2015

I'll Make Myself A Memory (2015)
I'll Make Myself A Memory (2015)
Jarmick, Martin.  I'll Make Myself A Memory.  Center for Digital Art & Experimental Media (DXARTS).  2015.

   I'll Make Myself A Memory is a moving-image triptic in 3-channel sound and video projection.  Seeded in personal experience, and using musical and literary structure, this work exhibits three shifting realms of a dream-like, purgatory space.  The piece uses cinematic counterpoint to organize the sound and image relationship in physical space.  An audience is surrounded by an image theater, never able to see all of the pictures.

  The scenes are a combination of synthetic environments/animations, with live-action cinematography.  A triple-wide video architecture is created in post-production, then segmented using a video signal splitter for the installation.  Three channels of audio are composed and routed to accomodate the exhibition area.

  Special thanks to Michael McCrea and the people at DXARTS for the incredible support.