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Embodied RF Ecologies

Embodied RF Ecologies wearable
Embodied RF Ecologies wearable
Embodied RF Ecologies, Afroditi Psarra (2018/19)

"Following my quest to embody the invisible transmissions that surround us and based on the research on Fractal Antennae, in this wearable I explore the use of an IC mixer circuit to down convert the emissions from the NOAA weather satellite and make them audible. By continuing my research into textile antennas and fractal geometry as a means to detect radio-frequency (RF) transmissions, I aim to speculate about the body as an agent of power in a post-capitalist world, and to re-interpret transmission technologies through handmade crafting techniques."

Embodied RF Ecologies textile circuit

This laser cut peano curve fractal antenna made of SaniSilver (silver-cotton) fabric from LessEMF is the sensing mechanism that allows for the circuit to pick up the RF transmissions.

VNA measurements and tuning process for the down converter circuit of the wearable. This experiment took place at the Reynolds Lab in Electrical Engineering at UW with the help of James Rosental (PhD student in E.E.).

This project formed part of the eTextile Spring Break camp exhibition at The Wassaic Project in Amenia, NY on April 2019 and it was also be presented at Piksel Studio 207 in Bergen, Norway as part of the exhibition Signal To Noise in May 2019, curated by Tincuta Heinzel.

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