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Shores (2014)
Shores (2014)
Shores, Martin Jarmick / Stephanie Liapis, 2014

This is a video excerpt from Shores, a multi-media solo dance piece performed at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, spring 2014. 

The piece is a work-in-progress, and is in the collaborative process of being expanded in length and deepened both technically and poetically.  The 2014 performance of the piece provided experiential knowledge that is indispensible in moving the work forward - seeing and hearing the piece with a public audience has allowed us to assess the work's issues tangibly.  

Stephanie Liapis is an choreographer and performer working out of New York City for over sixteen years.  She is currently an Associate Professor of Dance at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY.

Performed & Choreographed by Stephanie Liapis
Video & Sound Composition by Martin Jarmick

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