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Adam Hogan, roots, public installation, 2016 

roots is a site specific project that uses projection mapping technology to reposition images onto architectural and urban environments, and acts as a theater to explore a memory-like interpretation of a landscape lost to development. Roots examines the relationship between what we consider developed space and natural landscape by superimposing natural imagery within an urban environment.

As an artist and filmmaker, I am fascinated by humanity’s geomorphological agency within the landscape. Our appetite for resources, design and comfort has made humanity arguably the largest force that sculpts the Earth. I explore our, sometimes tumultuous, relationship with the landscape by developing spaces of contemplation—a space where the viewer can spend time and examine the anthropogenic traces of humanity via the cinematic apparatus and immersion.

It is worth noting that the project does not try to historically represent the landscape that once stood on the grounds of the site, but instead offers the viewer an ethereal, dreamlike vision of a natural space. A foggy, shifting atmospheric memory that is long removed from the built environment surrounding it. To be sensitive to the natural geography and native species found in the region, the raw materials for this project were specifically captured in Arkansas. Filming was focused on the state’s rivers, lowlands, and forests.

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