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"Prosumer" Still #1 from Video - RM TNKRT
"Prosumer" Still #1 from Video - RM TNKRT
RM-TNKRT "Prosumer" ASMR, Mukbang, glitched, music video

We are bloggers, DJs, influencers, artists, and directors. This video work functions like a digital mirror, remixing our reflection into an ever-growing feedback loop of democratized and mutated pop-culture. In an homage to Warhol's burger consuming video, the goal was to comment on the consumption of the internet using the language of new genres in youtube and merging them together. In this you see references to Mukbang, ASMR, Montage, Songification, and Vaporwave. 

This short was featured in the Epicentre exhibition for The Wrong Biennale in Comunitat Valenciana, Spain 2019.

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