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Face Swap

Face Swap at Push Arts 2012
Face Swap, interactive video work by Robert Twomey. Meany Hall for the Performing Arts, Seattle (September 2013 ­ - April 2014)

Face Swap explores ideas of public/private persona and personal desire. This computer vision system uses software to graft imagery from a database of characters over the viewers’ faces, aiming for a surreal, psychological shock of disjunctive collage. The voices of the spectral inhabitants (Rauschenberg, Duchamp, Abramovic, Pope.L) can be heard throughout the gallery, coalescing when the viewer presents their face to the system. When identified on camera, the screen cuts to a close view grafting video of the stored personae onto the viewer’s face–both erasing their identity and imposing that of another.

It is an outgrowth of my earlier piece Everyone As Someone I Know, a face recognition system that sees the world only in terms of people I know.

Exhibition History: 

  • Meany Hall 2013

  • Push Arts New Media Festival 2012
  • West of Lenin Storefront 2012


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