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Confronting Us

installation view, Video Installation, Dimensions vary with the installation, eight wood boxes and six stairs, monitors in the boxes, flyers.
Confronting Us - installation view
Confronting Us 2014 


Confronting Us is an ongoing project that I began when I started posting flyers on the street in 2013.

 The exhibition("Lossless" at Pittsburgh) consists of two types of installations: a sculptural and theatrical video installation showing interviews of eight selected strangers that followed my flyers and a live projection installation depicting the actual interview scenes. The videos of Confronting Us is organized into the interviews of people following the flyers listening to you and their talks about the relationship between themselves and the others surrounding them. What I interested in during the interviews is the new relationship between them, the others and myself, and absent of my role as an artist who must communicate something to the interviewees.  

The installation of Confronting Us is also based on this idea. In this exhibition, My psychological approach to the relationship between the individual and the others was represented by the physical movements of the audiences.

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