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Between This Image

Between This Image, Martin Jarmick, 2013
Between This Image, Martin Jarmick, 2013

Between This Image is a two-channel video installation work using stereoscopic 3D video, sound, and mixed media.  It places an image character into a series of states: the reflected, the projected, and the combination of both in physical space.    The fiction of our character’s ensnarement is manifest in the reality of his condition, the search for what lives on the other side of an image.

A transparent scrim surface holds the projected stereoscopic 3D image, placing it in the space between the screen and the back wall.  A two way mirror houses a monitor behind, allowing the images to seep through the reflective surface, then fade away.  The projected scrim image reflects on the mirror, the monitor pulses the image through the mirror, and the viewer confronts their own reflection, all creating a complex imaging counterpoint.

The work uses the SuperCollider programming language to control both the real-time sound playback, and to control the Bino 3d video player through a command-line interface.  It was shown at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle in spring of 2013.


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