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up and down

picture of instillation
up and down, 3 channel sound and 2 video channel instillation,(2018 ...)

The starting point of the project is to think about unexplored soundscapes. There was a clear division of the rooms, in aural and folk sense. David has dealt with the heights, Rihards with the depths. With the same material, in two different environments, in two different locations, Rihards in Seattle / USA, Dawid in Riga / Latvia, systems have been developed to create and record sound. In the exhibition, the two recordings are brought together again in compositions.

2018. 17 – 29 October, “Skaņa”, Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz, AT
2018. 11 August – 10 September “Klang”, Creative Quarter of Tallinn Street, Riga, LV

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