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The Ballard Fab Lab is an off-campus facility with a variety of resources and uses. The fabrication lab includes a 3d printing and scanning, wood shop, metal shop, electronics lab, CAD workstations, flexible space, classroom space and office space. The lab is located about 3 miles West of the main University of Washington campus.

Address / Directions

4365 6th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Google Map

By bike, follow the Burke Gillman Trail to 7th Ave NW.

By bus, take either the 31 or 32 to Ballard and either walk to the lab or transfer to the 28 or 40. The 43 or 44 bus will also get you within walking distance to the lab.  For bus route information, visit google bus map for directions.

The Ballard Lab is not open to the public. To visit the lab or arrange a tour, please contact the lab manager.

The Ballard lab is alarmed.

Machine Instructions

Universal Laser Cutter
3D Printing

3D Printing 


LPKF workflow 

CNC Tools and Software
DynaCNC Workflow - How to use the CNC router table.
Mach3 Workflow - CAM controller software overview. This controller software runs both the DynaCNC and the CNC milling machine.
Grasshopper - Parametric modeling plugin for Rhino. Lets you generate models algorithmically using a patcher-based workflow, like Quartz Composer or Max/MSP. Windows only.
Paneling Tools: 2D & 3D cellular patterns for Rhino.
RhinoPython: Python scripting for Rhino (Windows & Mac)
Trak DPM 3 flow: How to use a Trak DPM 3 

Shop Manuals

Ballard Shop Manuals
Supplements manuals in binder located in shop


Where to Shop for Fabrication Supplies
Online metals discount code: UW Student (10%)

Material Storage Policy - Materials in racks and bins are free to use unless they have an orange tag. The orange tags are require the following information: name/email, date materials will be used by (not to exceed one quarter) and an understanding that after the date we can throw the materials away or make them available for community use without further notice.

Fabrication Tutorials

See our Tutorials Wiki Page for lots of tutorials!

Exhibition Space Reservation Calendar


The Ballard Lab has an exhibition space that students may reserve for temporary use. It measures 15 feet by 30 feet and has five white walls, a cement floor, and ample power outlets. Users may mount equipment to the walls using screws, etc. However, when the temporary use is over, the walls must be returned to their original condition. (Contact the lab staff for advice on appropriate methods.)