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Nicolás Varchausky

Nicolás Varchausky


Nicolás Varchausky (Buenos Aires, 1973) has a Degree in Electro-acoustic Music Composition at the University of Quilmes (Argentina), where he works as an assistant professor and directs P.A.I.S. (Proyecto Arte de Información y Sistemas-Programa Teatro Acústico-UNQ): a research project on the musical relations between space, sound, speech and memory within technological environments. His artistic production includes electronic and instrumental music compositions, interdisciplinary projects in public spaces, sound art performances and interactive art installations. Conceived as a work in progress, he has developed Archivo PAIS: a dynamic archive that gathers speech recordings produced in public spaces. He has also worked extensively as a composer for films and theater plays. His music has been released under the independent music label BAU Records and his work has been performed and exhibited internationally.

Recent commissions include those from the Eurokaz Festival in Croatia, the JACK Quartet in New York City, The Seattle Art Museum, Radar Festival in Mexico, percussionist Robyn Schulkowsky, pianist Susana Kasakoff and the National Music Center in Buenos Aires.