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Perfomercial And New Online Release By Nico Varchausky

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on May 27, 2013 - 12:59pm

The new netlabel of experimental music, Inkilino Records, is proud to announce the first release of its catalog: Speaker Performing Kiosk Live Sessions Vol. 1 by argentine composer Nicolás Varchausky. This sizzling live album collects compelling performances produced with a custom made device that generates sound out of feedback between speakers and microphones hovered around by the performer. It is part of Inkilino Records feedback series, dedicated to music based on recursive and feedback processes.

About The Album

This album gathers 9 live excerpts from concerts in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Huddersfield and Seattle given with the Speaker Performing Kiosk: an autarchic performing device designed and performed by Varchausky. All sounds were generated live creating feedback between speakers and microphones manipulated by the performer, and processed by a computer in real time. While inside the device, Varchausky creates fields of resonance and shifting currents of air pressure in the space using his body as an antenna to explore the space in search of its interference patterns. The featured recordings were made between 2006 and 2011 in a wide range of sites, such as an old chapel, a pub, a museum space and the reading room of Argentina’s former National Library. No pre-recorded sounds or sensors of any kind were used. No additional editing or overdubs were made.

This release and the upcoming physical edition were made possible with the generous support from DXARTS (The Center for the Digital Arts and Experimental Media), Proyecto I+D S.A.E.T.A.S. (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes), Universidad Tres de Febrero and Archivo P.A.I.S.

About The Perfomercial

For the release party and celebrating the launching of this new netlabel, Varchausky created Inkilino Records® Perfomercial: a direct response performance in collaboration with artist and performer Zoe Di Rienzo. Presented as part of ArteBA (Buenos Aires Art Fair) at BSM Art Building, this Perfomercial became a platform for social interactions, audiovisual experiences and economic transactions. A Limited Edition USB Drive featuring a full length performance was offered with the first 30 pre-orders of the physical De Luxe Limited Edition CD.

About The Autarchic Device

Speaker Performing Kiosk is a self-contained sonic node that develops the idea of the speaker not as an object that reproduces sound but as an object that generates it, creating an electronic instrument that uses analog feedback as its main material and the human body as a unit of transformation. Holding two wireless microphones in his hands, the performer transforms the emerging sound in real time both acoustically – by moving through the space and physically exploring its interference patterns – and digitally – by means of a computer software. This “stand-alone” device consists of an aluminum cubic structure of 8 feet per side that can hold its own light and sound systems. The speakers and the microphones become the actual sound sources, while the room, the computer and the actions of the performer modulate them, unbalancing the sound flux into a feedback choir.

About Inkilino Records

Inkilino Records [bits for free | atoms for sale] offers experimental electronic music made by artists working on the intersection of music composition, performance and sound art, and combining the development of their own instruments (virtual and physical) with artistic research. Coming soon is the digital feedback suite Primeval Sonic Atoms by Greek artist Stelios Manousakis. Other works and series are under development, such as a sound art and a non real time series. Among other artists that will release material through Inkilino Records are Hugo Solís (MX), TeZ (IT) y Juan Pampín (AR).

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