La Biblioteca Ciega by Nicolas Varchausky

Nicolas Varchausky will be performing in Buenos Aires at the premiere of "LA BIBLIOTECA CIEGA, an acoustic exploration of the alphabet and three photo-sensitive volumes", on Sunday December 4th, 8PM at Centro Nacional de la Música (Mexico 564). The piece was commissioned by Secretaría de Cultura de La Nación Argentina for the old reading room of the former Argentine National Library, once ran by B...orges, and it's composed in two chapters: 1. Resonances, Turbulences and Explosions, and 2. Photo-Sensitive Volumes I-III. In the first one, three electronic pieces are presented in complete darkness and surround sound, each one realized out of the recording of a different consonant. These recordings were analyzed and re-synthesized revealing through algorithmic processing their inner soundscape. In the second one, members of the Banda Sinfónica de Ciegos (an orchestra of blind musicians) manipulate live a series of instruments that turn light into sound. Mechanical photo-sensitive turntables, sonic backlights and bars of light will be expanded through live electronics to create three performatic sound pieces.