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Illustration by Christian Petersen CityArts Article: Ambisonics at DXARTS February 13, 2018
abc - null [zero185] Net Release: <abc_null> by Afroditi Psarra, Bonnie Whiting and Cameron Fraser on Washington D.C. label Zeromoon February 12, 2018
VICE News: Meet The Doctor Turning Brain Waves Into Music VICE News: Meet The Doctor Turning Brain Waves Into Music February 8, 2018
Watchtower by James Coupe Receives Inaugural SSN Arts Fund Prize January 22, 2018
Professor Eberhard Fetz DXARTS Adjunct Professor Eberhard Fetz profiled by The Economist January 16, 2018
Idoru(), an interactive sound performance by Afroditi Psarra "Sensing the Invisible" - interview of DXARTS Assistant Professor Afroditi Psarra with Federica Fontana, Managing Editor at Digicult. January 11, 2018
The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2018 Pacific Slope by Joseph Anderson at San Francisco Tape Music Festival January 2, 2018
Renée Fleming at Art+Brain Lab, photo by Max Weinstein-Bacal NEA publishes article about DXARTS music and brain research October 26, 2017
Richard Karpen and Renée Fleming, photo by Max Weinstein-Bacal Renée Fleming visits DXARTS October 16, 2017
Cosmic Bitcasting at ISWC & IBPoet at UbiComp 2017 October 4, 2017
Lost Skies, by Maja Petric Lost Skies by DXARTS Alumna Maja Petrić at Gallery4Culture September 26, 2017
SIGGRAPH 2017 Michael McCrea and Robert Twomey receive Best Paper Award at SIGGRAPH 2017, publish in special edition of Leonardo. July 20, 2017
Encephalophone articles in Newsweek and Mic Magazine July 17, 2017
Cosmic Bitcasting DXARTS Faculty Afroditi Psarra at the Eyeo Festival, Minneapolis June 22, 2017
New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2017 Ewa Trębacz's work at NYCEMF 2017, New York June 21, 2017
DXARTS on KOMO-TV, June 18 at 2pm June 15, 2017
The New Observatory | James Coupe presents A Machine for Living at The New Observatory exhibit at FACT, Liverpool June 5, 2017
ISB Consilience Event 2017 DXARTS Faculty Afroditi Psarra at Systems Biology's annual Consilience event May 19, 2017
Encephalophone paper published by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience April 26, 2017
Cellist Jay Campbell of JACK Quartet checks sheet music during a rehearsal break at the “brain-art initiative” at Meany Studio Theater. (Alan Berner/The Seattle Times) DXARTS profiled in The Seattle Times March 24, 2017
NEA Art Works DXARTS to Receive $80,000 Creativity Connects grant from National Endowment for the Arts December 14, 2016
Magnitudes, sound art exhibition | New York, Art345 Gallery Magnitudes, NYC: DXARTS PhD student Cameron Fraser presents a new sound art work November 10, 2016
9e2 DXARTS presents Hemispheres at 9e2 Art, Science, and Technology Festival October 17, 2016
DXARTS students Dan Peterson (left) and Adam Hogan wear EEG caps while working in the Art and the Brain Lab. UW Perspectives: A Marriage of Art and Neuroscience. August 8, 2016
Juan Pampin, Percussion Cycle Juan Pampin's Percussion Cycle, recorded by Les Percussions de Strasbourg, released on CD by Sargasso Records April 18, 2016


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