Piteå Performing Arts Biennial

Piteå Performing Arts Biennial 2020
Piteå Performing Arts Biennial 2020

DXARTS Research Associate Marcin Pączkowski presents his research on rehearsing music online at Piteå Performing Arts Biennial 2020.

Piteå Performing Arts Biennial seeks new formats for the performing arts to engage in societal issues. The first edition, postponed to 2021 due to to the Covid-19 pandemic, focuses on ecological perspectives, and further seeks engagement in questions related to site and place. On October 26-27, an online pre event presents some perspectives on how the performing arts address these issues in the time of the pandemic. Particular focus is given to digital presence, as discussed in three panels in the third edition of Physically Distant. While the biennial will host a series of new productions of ecological sound art, site-specific arts projects, dance and theatre productions, intermedia arts projects, film and video screenings, the pre event presents three concerts with telematic performance, a live radio show and a series of shorter streamed performances, as well as fixed media artwork on the website.

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