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Seattle Times: interview with DXARTS Ph.D. candidate Chanee Choi

Submitted by Ewa Trebacz on November 2, 2020 - 7:13am
Seattle Times: an interview with Chanhee Choi
Seattle Times: an interview with Chanhee Choi

A UW student's 3D video game depicts life during COVID-19 pandemic for people of color

During the pandemic, many people have leaned into art and hobbies to ease the stress of everyday life.

For Chanhee Choi, a multidisciplinary interactive artist and Ph.D. candidate in the University of Washington Digital Arts and Experimental Media department, art became a way to reflect on her experience with discrimination and racism as a Korean in America during the pandemic.

University of Washington DXARTS Associate Professor James Coupe and Assistant Professor Afroditi Psarra supported Chanee during the interview.

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