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Music of Today: DXARTS, Points vs. Fields

Faculty performers Cuong Vu, Ted Poor, Richard Karpen  and Juan Pampin offer the instantaneous and ephemeral, new improvisational work for trumpet, drums, piano, and live electronics, programmed along with Bernard Permegiani’s classic exploration of the meaning of sound itself, De Natura Sonorum, for loudspeaker orchestra.

 “… nevertheless the nature of sound here is to inundate the ear, and well beyond it to awaken a familiar murmur.”—Bernard Noël (on De Nature Sonorum)

The University of Washington School of Music and the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS) co-sponsor the Music of Today concert series featuring groundbreaking modern classics and new works by student, faculty and guest composers.


1st Set - Improvising Quartet

Ted Poor - drums, Cuong Vu - trumpet, Richard Karpen - piano,  Juan Pampin - live electronics 

De Natura Sonorum 1st Series | Bernard Parmegiani

magnetic tape & loudspeaker orchestra | Joseph Anderson, diffusion 

– intermission – 

2nd Set - Improvising Quartet

Ted Poor - drums, Cuong Vu - trumpet, Richard Karpen - piano,  Juan Pampin - live electronics 

De Natura Sonorum 2nd Series | Bernard Parmegiani

magnetic tape & loudspeaker orchestra | Joseph Anderson, diffusion