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Summer 2016 Full-term

Qtr Course Section / SLN Instructor Meetings
sum DXARTS 450: Digital Video Foundations

An introduction to experimental video art. Provides a theoretical and practical foundation for creating video for installation, performance, or screen. Students attend lectures and complete assignments to create original video works. Workshops include hands-on introductions to digital video production: cameras, lenses, sound, lighting, motion control, and non-linear editing.

A - 11111 Jarmick, Martin Hugo T Th 09:40-12:20
RAI 129
sum DXARTS 460: Digital Sound

Foundations of digital sound for digital arts applications. Project-based course focused on creating experimental sound compositions. Overview of the history of electronic music and analysis of important works from its cannon. Acoustics, psychoacoustics and digital sound theory. Digital signal processing and recording techniques. Multi-track, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering using Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Offered: Sp.

A - 11113 Peterson, Daniel M T Th 13:30-16:20
RAI 129
sum DXARTS 470: Sensing and Control Systems for Digital Arts

Covers basic electronics for integrating sensors and actuators into art installations and performance. Includes real-time systems programming and design using simple software tools for controlling video and audio as well as hardware tools for data I/O to control electromechanical and sensing devices.

A - 11115 Kang, Haein M W 13:30-16:20
* *
sum DXARTS 600: Independent Study or Research

Credit/no-credit only.

A - 11119 to be arranged -
* *
sum DXARTS 800: Doctoral Dissertation

At least 27 hours of dissertation credit is required for the award of a Ph.D. in Digital Arts and Experimental Media. No more than 10 credits may be taken in any quarter, except summer. Credit/no-credit only.

A - 11120 to be arranged -
* *